IlluStory and My Comic Book Kits produced before 2013 do not have an expiration date and can still be redeemed. This includes those Illustory and My Comic Book kits sold under Creations by You. Please note that some features listed on the order form of these older kits are no longer supported by Lulu Jr. Options such as colored book covers, colored book trims, book jackets, multiple dedications, and advanced author’s option, and corrected spelling are no longer available. However, we still retain your file for up to 1 year and including an author’s photo option are now free of charge.

Illustory A+ kits produced in 2013 have an expiration date of 12/21/2015.

IlluStory, My Comic Book, and My Awesome Book kits produced in 2014 have an expiration date of 3/31/2016.

The order form included in your kit includes the expiration date for redeeming the free printed book included in the price of the kit. If you have a kit with an expired date, you may still use it to create your book. Contact our customer service team for more information about expired kits by
creating a ticket.