While you can use your own materials to create pages for your IlluStory or My Comic Book kit, we recommend using the included markers. If you do choose to use your own materials, please carefully read the following advice and restrictions.

Creating Text

You should use a pen or the provided markers to write all the text on your kit pages. While it is fine to write your text in pencil, all the text must be traced with a pen or marker to print properly. 

Creating Art

Because your kit pages will be printed, be very careful to use the included markers or other standard markers to create your art. Pencils and pens can be used, but avoid using a pencil to shade or fill in any areas of the page. Using the included markers is the best way to create vibrant artwork for your story that will print perfectly. 

Using Your Own Supplies

When using your own markers or colored pencils, we recommend using bright colors. Light colors and light lines may be lost when printing your book.

If you use a pencil the lines must be dark or traced over in pen. Be sure to write clearly so the handwriting is easy to read when printed.  

Do NOT Use

The following materials cannot be reproduced by printers and should not be used: 

  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Tape