This article breaks down the different parts of the shipping process; from the moment you put your completed pages into the mailbox until the print book arrives.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Book?

Quickly find approximate shipping and processing times in this chart. The estimated turnaround time from when we receive your completed pages to when you receive the finished book is approximately two to three weeks.

Processing Time

Shipping Time

Buying A Kit Online

1-2 business days

2-5 business days (depending on location)

Sending in Pages

Varies based on location, seasonal demand, weather, COVID-19 and carrier.

Scan Pages

7 business days

Printing Pages

7 business days

Finished Book

3-7 business days (depending on location)

Ordering A Kit

When you order a kit from Lulu Junior’s shop, we ship it directly from our fulfillment center to you. 

Sending Pages To Lulu Junior

Each kit includes a pre-paid envelope for returning the completed pages. If the envelope is lost, damaged, or otherwise cannot be used for delivery, please ship the pages in an envelope addressed to Lulu Junior:

Lulu Jr.
PO Box 110046
Durham, NC 27709

The delivery time for your pages can vary based on your location and the local providers who service your area. 

Processing - Scanning Your Pages

Once we receive your pages, we digitally scan them into our system and turn those pages into a PDF file we can print. Depending on the demand, there may be numerous book kit pages to process at any time. Because of the steps involved, we ask that you allow seven business days for scanning your pages and preparing the print-ready file. 

Processing - Printing Your Pages

After the scanning process is complete, the PDF file is transferred to our print facility. 

This too can take some time and we ask that you allow for up to seven business days for your scanned pages to be printed, bound, and packed for shipping. 

Shipping The Finished Book

After the book pages are printed and bound, Lulu Junior’s team packages the book to ship back to you. The packing stage may take a business day; if your book is printed and packed after our carrier makes their daily pick up, it will not ship until the following day.

Once the carrier has your package, the delivery usually takes four business days, but may take up to seven business days to arrive. Delivery time can be impacted by conditions (such as holidays, adverse weather, and the pandemic). 

From Pages To A Book

We estimate the total time after receiving your pages to your book arriving in your mailbox to be between two and three weeks.

If you have questions about shipping your completed pages or your book hasn’t arrived, please create a ticket with our support team.