While completing their IlluStory or My Comic Book kit, kids may want to include images or pictures. These might include pictures you have taken; or images found on the Internet.

We recommend you do NOT include images in the completed kit. Images that are glued or taped to the template pages may jam the scanners while your child’s pages are being processed. Even when the scanner can accept an image, it will often appear blurry or pixelated. 

Any image requires permission for use by the copyright holder. 

Even if you or your child created the image or if you own the rights to the image; Lulu Junior cannot verify the copyright holder during production. If we receive a completed kit that includes images or photographs, we may not be able to complete the publishing and printing of your child’s book.

If we are unable to scan or print your child’s book due to images (or for any other reason) we will return those pages to the return address you provide in your order form.

To avoid potential delays in printing their book, we strongly encourage your kids to only include their own, original artwork and text in the kit. Kit pages with images included may violate copyright law and/or jam our scanners. Because of this, Lulu Junior will not scan or print kits with images included in the template pages.