Each Lulu Junior kit includes everything needed to complete one book or comic book. These are quick instructions for using your Lulu Junior kit. Be sure to carefully read the full instructions and the guide books included with each kit.

Download IlluStory Instructions

Download My Comic Book Instructions

Inside The Kit

Each kit contains some unique pieces based on the kit you purchase.


IlluStory is designed to help kids tell a story with the aid of pictures. The pages are designed to provide space for writing and drawing.

Kit Contents:

  • Just Imagine Guidebook/Instructions

  • Template Pages

  • Color Marker Set

  • Order Form

  • Postage-paid Envelope

My Comic Book

My Comic Book kit includes template pages sectioned into comic book panels. Kids add their own text and dialog into their drawings.

Kit Contents:

  • Comics in Action Guidebook

  • Template Pages

  • Color Marker Set

  • Instructions

  • Order Form

  • Postage-paid Envelope

Using Your Kit

To get started, you should read the included guidebook. This guidebook will walk through creating a story and illustrating the pages.

Once your child is ready to create, fill in the included pages using the markers we provide. You can use other materials, though be sure that your kids only use materials that our scanners and printers recognize.


Only add text and drawings to the front side of each template page. We only scan the front of the template pages for printing.

Be sure your kids keep their art within the box and keep all text on the provided lines. For details and to download additional pages, see these articles.

Pages should not be bent, folded, or cut. Because pages are scanned before printing, it’s important the pages remain as flat as possible.

Important Note: Be sure the pages are correctly oriented. 

Page Numbers

To help your kids stay organized and ensure the kit is printed in the correct page order, add a small page number in pencil in a corner on the BACK of each page.


While it’s a great idea to have your kids write their text in pencil first, be sure to trace over the final text in black ink. The included markers or any fine tip black pen will work.

Order Form

Fill out the order form completely and legibly. Your Shipping Address, Phone Number, and Email must be clearly included in the order form.

When filling out the Book Information section, be sure to write EXACTLY what you would like us to print. For example, if you write your Dedication in ALL CAPS it will print that way. 

About The Author

Both kits offer a space to include your child’s author photo and an About The Author section on the back cover of their printed book. 

Include the printed image in your return envelope.

We recommend a 2 x 3 inch photo, portrait orientation. Use a sharp, bright photo. Dark or shadowed photos may not print well.

Add their About The Author text on the Order Form. Any text entered into your Order Form for the About The Author is printed exactly as you provide it (including Capitalization). Please make sure the writing is legible. 

Dedication Page

To include a Dedication, simply fill out the appropriate section of the Order Form. Your child can also create their own Dedication page using the template pages—be sure to leave the ‘dedication’ section of the Order Form blank if creating a unique Dedication page.

The Dedication page is inserted after the title page. We fill in the page with the text entered on the Order Form, including the opening line ‘This book is dedicated to…’

Any text entered into your Order Form for the Dedication is printed exactly as you provide it (including Capitalization). Please make sure the writing is legible. 

What We Add

Your child’s book will include the pages they illustrate and write. When you fill out the appropriate sections on the Order Form, we will add the following sections:

  • A Title Page

  • A Dedication Page

  • About the Author (back cover)

These sections are typed and added by us while processing your child’s pages. Any text entered into your Order Form is printed exactly as you provide it (including Capitalization). Please make sure the writing is legible. 

Inside The Envelope

Once your kids have completed their story, it’s time to review the Order Form, add any additional information, and mail the pages in for printing.

Insert the pages into the envelope with your order form on top and the pages in the correct order. Be careful not to bend or fold the pages. These should include all the pages for your child’s book, using only the template pages we provided (either in the kit or downloaded and printed out).

All that's left is to put the envelope in the mail and wait for the printed book to arrive!